Installation guide

Installing brick tiles

To begin with, make sure the walls were installed or plastered for at least 3-4 weeks prior to cladding commencing time. If the walls are painted slightly chop almost the entire surface in order to create a good grip for the cladding.


A notched trowel will be more advisable for spreading adhesive on the wall. Spread the adhesive small portions at a given time to perfectly bond with the walls. From the bottom (Left), tenderly spread on the cladding a bit of adhesive and push it firmly with a light twisting action to ensure that the brick tile is well attached. Install the cladding & make it a point to give a gap of 10mm between brick tiles.


During the installing process get rid of excess adhesive & keep cleaning the cladding as the installation commences.

For corners & special pieces mark with a pencil where you want to cut then make use of a bolster chisel or a diamond blade grinder for favorable results.


Whitewashing your brick tiles 


  1. White PVA paint or any water based paint
  2. Water
  3. Container to mix the water with the paint
  4. Stirring stick
  5. A fairly broad brush
  6. Gloves
  7. Couple of dry cloths to wipe the paint off

Your walls will be ready for whitewashing at least 2 days after brick tiles installed.

You must mix an equivalent amount of water & paint in the bucket and mix well with your stirring stick. Dip a brush into the thinned paint, and remove excess paint on a grate before applying so you don't end up with a wall covered in drips. Begin to whitewash the brick in small sections horizontally in even strokes, starting with the grout lines and then working your way to the faces of the bricks.

As you proceed some of the paint will drip, make use of the brush to catch the dripping in order to keep your work tidy and just keep painting.

After painting about half a m2– wipe the paint off horizontally with a dry cloth. You must not let the paint dry before wiping.

You can use the cloth in amending the looks/ effect you would like to see; you can always wipe off more.

Make sure your cloth is not too socked.


Outdoors Brick cladding can be left untreated, allowing them to naturally weather and age, however seal may be utilized where brick tiles are exposed to contamination.